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You can’t just rely on skincare alone. There – it needed to be said.

Like, you wouldn’t just make a salad with kale. Blah. You need other ingredients to make a great salad and the same concept applies to your skin.

You see, while you may be using the best vitamin A in the world, re-applying your SPF regularly and being diligent when it comes to your skin treatments – you can’t ignore the fact that diet and lifestyle plays a role when it comes to the overall health of your skin.

And that’s where a nutrition consultation with Yads can help.

The thing is, there are so many factors that play into the overall health and function of your skin – especially when it comes to chronic and inflammatory skin concerns, as well as overall ageing – incl. when women transition into menopause. And while skincare and clinical treatments are important, often it helps to delve into your internal health because it will help you reach your skin goals quicker.

Plus, how nutrients impact a person’s overall health and affect the skin, has always been something Yads has noticed whilst working in clinic. This is what led her to complete a Masters Degree in Human Nutrition in the first place.

And she now uses her nutrition degree as a foundation to support her clients skin health topically and internally too, because she truly believes that nutrition is the missing link for a lot of people; and she’s always been passionate about looking at the skin holistically – as healthy skin from the inside out is the ultimate goal.

Anyway, if you’re like “WTF is going on with my skin, I feel like I’m doing all the right things skincare wise and getting nowhere”, or maybe you just want some guidance on the internal component to ageing well and just some evidence backed info re. how to better look after yourself nutritionally and balance your meals – then get in touch.

A nutrition consultation will provide you not only with personalised nutritional strategies, including evidence based nutrition guides that can help tackle skin concerns like ageing, acne, rosacea, eczema (including food allergies and intolerances) but you will also be provided with healthy meal ideas that suit your tastes/lifestyle – with a focus on gut health.

Because gut health is skin health.

Book with Yads below if you want to chat about the way nutrition can work alongside your skin treatments and prescribed skincare to help you achieve the glowiest, healthiest skin – from the inside out.


Initial consultation: 60 minutes

Cost: $145

Follow up consultation: 30 minutes

Cost: $80

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